The idea is a print service. If you have a printer at home, you can start right away. Not many people have printers. You can suggest yourself to your classmates if they or their family members need to print. They know who is calling another complaint. Remember that since you know you said you know you That’s because they know.

They won’t have to hesitate to ask you sometimes that there are some shy people who want to keep your photos private for themselves but they have some friends so they can go to their friends who have the printer and they can only tell to print that since they are friends, they probably saw family photos, on For example, family photos or their photos of that, they won’t have to keep that too personal because your friends are fine.

The next idea revolves around running depending on the extent of each of your child, are you close to how close you are to the supermarket and can walk into a store by drive and pick up some items for neighbors or even you.

Our next idea is to sell a look that shows the other person that his name, which he bought for British Columbia and his four-year-old daughter, collected and painted the seashells and then sold them on the local market for one dollar a piece, so spend some time on the beach and sell the shells who can even sell them at school in The neighborhood is not only that you can stick them on some paper, you can even draw them that you can put on top of pencils in school and all of these you can make accessories like necklaces and bracelets

Our next idea is to sell ice cream, you can sell popsicle or ice cream, this is another great idea that kids mix gems or milk boxes to make and sell popsicles but you won’t make this design that comes with the cone. We have to make it in the scoops, so you can make small squares some cans of yogurt or ice cream basically. What you have to do is just take a box and put some icecream decorations cone spoons and toppings like honey or honey or candy and cans but you can even fill it with yogurt layers like some nuts And honey again and you can put some you can have some embellishments like you can take some paper you can cut it in special design and you can just paste it on very thick on it.

The next idea is to sell handcrafted items on Etsy if the child enjoys making handcrafted items such as artistic scarves, knitting and jewelry or until they can sell items on etsy.com It is a unique platform for people who specialize in selling unique and custom products and custom products so they are like Amazon except they It is not from a private company it is better for you.

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