I think the cheese was probably this place in Chiangmai which was only about $ 300 a month or so in Cape Town it was about $ 600 a month, and the only place that was more expensive than London was Japan Japan Japan expensive hotels and even expensive hostels In Japan we used to move a lot but apart from that everywhere I’ve been since.

It has become digital nomadic much cheaper than my London rent as well as my own residence like the big expenses that I think are travel in itself or transportation and I don’t really spend much on that as you might think a month on flights max obviously the moment that I fly in it with a short hole inside cheap Europe.

I don’t travel as much as if I were staying in one place like in South Africa, I may not even spend any money on flights at all to look like it was around £ 300 in September most of the lights are paid for throughout the year, Flight fees are paid by tourist boards or brands.

I work especially if I work with the airline of course so I think on average about 100 pounds of months for flights and that this housing still does not reach the cost of rent in the other major London expense.

I have when it comes to transportation is car rental and I think we may spend more on current flights or more than we spend on flights now especially when we have been in one place for a long time I think we are spending this kind of difficulty going out but I think about three hundred to four hundred pounds a month on Renting cars that depend on many things depends on the destination and depends on the type of car as well as one month.

South Africa needs a car at a cost of about 250 pounds but when we switched to a four-wheel drive car it was more than five hundred or six hundred pounds, I think on average it averages about 300 pounds per month, we do not rent cars one hundred percent at the appointed time kind of time periods usually when We set out to take pictures and explore.

It might be cut down, and maybe it costs more flights my other main account for this month is usually some kind of office or joint workspace like this you don’t remember exactly how much this woman was but this is usually roughly eighty to one hundred and fifty pounds a month and it’s worth it when It’s available because Wi-Fi is always good, good to go home.

I find them more productive, as it is good to be with other people and get a social kind of benefit from being in an office like these places like scene space like this often put social events too, so we went to improve comedy night here and there are a lot of Other things that we missed but it was possible that we would go in and it would be nice if we had that kind of thing to go to things that are missing from office life.

I can’t access a shared office or workspace for any reason. Obviously, I need a way to get a Wi-Fi network which are two things I need to keep this lifestyle on my laptop and a way to connect it to the internet there are three main ways.

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