The best handcrafted travel selling experience for this, it can take some time to gain strength and make sales to potential Etsy customers frequently to shop in the stores they love and enter reviews after purchasing an item once there are enough positive reviews on the store site however they will start promoting their items higher In search results to get their first sales their kids may be able to use their social media account to promote them… at ETSY

The products that they can post about their handmade goods and their direct followers to their online store so, what I say and what I will say is that Etsy looks about social media in stores like famous stores International sources like Toys R We are triangle games or a new boy, so what he will see is What customers buy more than they will get in search results, whatever.

People search if the search results will appear the way you can promote your things, only by making them on social media and their pictures If you feel you are too young on social media, you can always ask your parents at your fingertips Explain it to you, they are They will just post pictures of your handmade items and one sexy you can even start your store on Etsy and put the pictures there and also on social media even people on social media like your followers are fine they will just watch well, you have a store you can buy everything directly we can ask you the price On o Social or Il Etsy communication.

All they have to do is run a mission, go to the store just take a list of neighbors or go to the store to get these things and get the money and the random mission so they don’t get the money not to buy the items that they will only get.

I bring you the items because for example if you go to the supermarket you spend money on things that you will buy in the future but they will get the money to bring those things to go to the store to take the time to use the time to buy you to find things to check out and everything.

Our next idea is to wash depending on your child’s age, you can help neighbors or family members or even just with washing and folding be sure to teach them to collaborate to do so first,

Basically all you have to teach them is to check clothes and put that cycle that they need and put it in the washing machine and put the correct cycle wait for them when they go out to hang them and once this is done, try it as soon as the guy can just fold it up and that’s pretty much.

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