Hello everyone usually once again welcomes the key to making money online the key to running a successful business and giving you everything you need to pay your bills as you know it is really interesting in this field making money online.

Earning money on YouTube stuff is saturated and overwhelmed with all these different approaches to strategies in ways you can make money, but the cold truth is that most people who try these things never earn anything from it and it is not their strategy it is not a mistake that the way they try to make money Wrong, not even that their approach may be wrong, it falls in the end.

The fact that they are not consistent there are many different ways and means that anyone can make money online whether it is YouTube whether it is affiliate marketing whether it is advertisement whether it works on websites but if you are not consistent and you are not focusing on that every day and makes Your first focus is not to get it anywhere.

To be an entrepreneur or prepare to be their boss sitting outside their work day but they’re not focused they do all these different things that they do multitasking and they work on this checking out their phone checking out Facebook checking out Instagram checking out going here to check an email they’re forgetting what they’re supposed to They do it and do not stay on the ground.

The only thing they need to finish this is why it is important when you start something to complete one task and take on this task until it is completely completed, you are making a lot of progress and this is how you are successful at the end of your life did not succeed and did not complete what you need Then your time management failed, but if you have your schedule written everyday and do it and do exactly what you need.

The arrangement you need to get things done without any distraction without checking your phone without connecting to Facebook by calling someone talking to someone and doing exactly what you wrote then successful and complete every day as if you were doing this day in the day you reach your desired goals before starting anything.

It is important to be consistent but you have to have a goal to be consistent and work towards this is what starts out with anything whether it is a channel whether it is any kind of diverse business adventures that you need to start a goal in mind that you can reach.

Now this may be something as simple as paying bills or it may be something as simple as reaching a certain number in your business and everything is fine but you need to get day in and day out how to reach that goal and be consistent if it slips, you will start to see more errors But if you wake up every morning, start working, and polish it.

You will stay focused and you can do what needs to be done over a long period. You will see success. You see a lot of problem is that people will start things with great intentions and great vision, but they never finish them and stop about three days a week in two weeks in a month and they leave them tired because they did not see the success they feel From fatigue. After all, they did not see immediate results in support of that dopamine kick that they do good and right and then they must continue to do what they do well.

I’m here to tell you that sometimes you have to keep grinding it even before you see any results and know that it can be difficult in certain things because sometimes when you don’t see the results right away, its defeat makes you feel as you want to quit smoking and then you start asking yourself.

You’re starting to wonder is all of this really in vain that I’m even doing the right thing for that reason I tell you today that consistency is not the only key but staying in the job and staying focused on doing what needs to be done and focusing only on one thing at a time to free your brain from any distractions Others This is why multitasking is so harmful.

When you focus on that thing and deal with it, you can give everything that you have and do not stop until this thing is over even if it takes you throughout the day in the week to give this one thing that was done and in full effort in exchange for dispersion everywhere.

The place that some of these people take takes several weeks to do a project, some of which take months, but if you focus on you, you will be surprised and how quickly you will be able to complete the project.

I encourage you to stay focused on staying steady and don’t give up if you don’t see results right away with any business you’re doing whether it’s a YouTube channel or ads or website continues in this only way you’ll see results if you stop them then two weeks in three months and you won’t get any A place where you may see a little success here and there, but how do you think a lot of success in your life.

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