Hey everyone, this is a tool I went to two years ago, and when I was trying to find you know the people who viewed this and the people who went on the tour, I didn’t find anything, there was nothing online at all in some of my family from America and other places from all over The world went on big tours and we decided to go on star tours.

So, the star tours have an office in Wembley and this is where the main pickup point comes and when we were going to talk about reserving everything first, so when we were booking it was very simple we did it online and there were no problems at all if you had Any problems, I am sure you can contact her I am not supported by Star Tours to say anything I will say This is my own experience and if this can help anyone thinking just to go or not then this is my experience only, so it was very easy to book And then in terms of like a truck and everything like that and my mom and I were.

They went until they thought it was so simple, they had small pickup points everywhere you go to that pickup point, and then they would take you to Wembley point and from there you would reach directly to the bus and then there were no breaks between us so we had to travel for only two hours To get to Wembley there is no such bathroom or anything like that there then then you can get straight to the bus no matter if you want to have a little place where you can kinda refresh yourself and know there was no such thing, so You can go to this specific coach you go to in Dover on Ferry and go aboard to Calais, and from there Saokhdhunk to your first

When I do 12 days of European delights without a Disney tour and when we arrived in Germany, we liked the photo stopping in Heidelberg I think it is called Dahlberg Heidelberg in Germany and I must say that all the photos stop and all the places visited were beautiful and there was certain that there were many Of opportunities either to buy things or to take photos along the way and I think this was a really enjoyable experience as the food was always from time to time everything was well organized there is also a manager

It’s also great too, and once we did that on the first day, we actually joined the people who were on a 14-day tour because they got more as they had more like stops that I think were in the Netherlands that were Amsterdam in Brussels and once they did that, they met us In Germany, then we end the tour together, in fact when we were on the bus we were there with a mixed group of people doing some like six tour today.

I think it was or was shorter like a three-day tour, I might be wrong, but we were there with a mixed group of people who were making different tours, and once we all got together on the second day, we were together almost throughout the trip everyone was really cool, you know that There are a lot of Indians because this looks like a kind of Indian excursion and all the food is the majority of Indian people are from India, everyone except the bus driver but it was a very pleasant experience, we met a lot of nice people, and it was a nice way to share our experiences if you are traveling on this trip Alone I would like to say that sometimes it may be a little bit lonely and depends only on your experience but personally I will not tour like this by myself …

I don’t think my mom will do that either because it’s nice to be able to share this experience with someone else.

I think you sometimes know that people kinda stick to their sets, so that’s something I’d like to say but apart from that everyone was really cool and we had a great fantastic tour guide for the drivers also to move forward so yeah i talked about we went to the unrestricted castle shop we went To the black forest.

They even gave us that the jungle cake too we went to a cuckoo clock display where you can also pick up and buy a cuckoo clock if you like it, then we went to Switzerland, I suggest taking it and getting dressed for the weather just check out what the weather will be like.

I think this is very important because in Switzerland it gets cold when you go to the mountains, and everything was really nice again in Switzerland.

The opportunity to go shopping also on your own time, and if there are certain things that you don’t want to do on the tour like you don’t want to visit a specific place like maybe because you were there before you just don’t want to have an opportunity to do something yourself separately in the meantime The time everyone else will do on the itinerary I don’t tend to Rory’s itinerary.

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