The museum and we could buy things there were a lot of pictures and stops, then we went to Italy, and maybe this is the part that surprised me the most we were going on a gondola trip but because we went in the summer there was only so much road traffic we almost missed the gondola ride.
But luckily, you know the restaurant that was highly proportional to the fact that we were there our companion and we managed to do gondola rides too and everything worked fine if you were to go during a certain time as the weather might be unpredictable or anything like that.

Make sure you know that you might understand things if the weather is like that.
Florence The beautiful Pisa Roma was again a lot of opportunities to stop for just a few hours to get ice cream to shop and really be part of the place you visit, I highly suggest especially in Europe to take coins because you have to pay for using the bathroom so this is just a tip there and thighs From that, we also went to the Vatican which was wonderful to see inside and then the last stop was France.
We covered a lot in 12 days like a lot and I didn’t feel a rush at all and didn’t feel like you know you only have 15 minutes here, I obviously rushed you had a certain amount of time from somewhere did you get more time in some places less time but He was very relaxed and was somewhat on his way, but for me.

I felt he was dealing with it if I was a little older, I know some people had trouble getting around a lot or had to constantly get on the bus and leave them constantly, I know things like that might matter that again there were no children in our country, it was There is only one girl who was on our trip with us because I went during the end of the summer vacation so many children will have to go back to school but if this is something you are worried about going maybe during the semester period, hence France once again France was a nice experience we have to go to the tower Eiffel.

Masai Gardens and we have a lot of time we went to perfumes that were beautiful as well as pigeons you have the option to enter in one episode only if you wish but you have to pay for some things yourself you are included a lot of things that you do, yes you know the only thing.

I would like to say that we did not get a night tour in Rome, there were a few people in our group who did not want one and the impact of that on what everyone wants so it was frustrating, but apart from everything else it was wonderful night tour in Paris because everyone went To this place but not in Rome um but yes it was very nice.

I would strongly recommend it now It is clear that there is a small problem in Europe now in terms of the fact that there are a lot of events that you know about terrorist attacks and people are trying to make you know immigrants who are trying to enter like boats and trucks that cross from Dover to Calais and out of it all and that happens Lots.

I was just checking with Star Tours and checking out various other places to just make sure you’re fine for traveling. Two years ago, there was absolutely no problem and they checked the coach and they didn’t make us get out and present our passports.

From that there was no problem again you get all your dinners you get all your lunches all the time your breakfast to time and it was just a great experience.

Obviously I couldn’t recommend it anymore because if you try to do all of these things at your own expense it will cost much more the price we paid, we got a lot for it, and I would highly recommend it because you do it also obviously makes it cheaper for them, so so Yes, excellent for star tours.

I had a great time which I cannot recommend enough, and I hope to go on more tours that our crown has heard is very very similar and they have a very similar track so if you live in the united states or something like that check out look at the sites The web everywhere we went there was a large variety of food.

I think where you know delicious meat as well as vegetarian options along the way, it is clear that a lot of Indian food as you can imagine it if you are an Indian and you are worried that there is no Indian food there and also if you want to experience more local delicacies that you can also Eat it like pizza, we got some of it in Italy, you can also buy your food also if you like it you can buy ice cream if you want some of it and you are close to ice cream place, so the food is good there is a lot of variety too.

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