Well, when I go home, I find them more productive, and it is a good idea to be with other people and get a social benefit from being in an office like these places like scene space like this is often put on social events as well we have improved the comic night here and there is a lot Other things that we missed but it was possible to go that it is good to have such things to go to things that are missing from the office life If I do not have access to a shared office or workspace for any reason, it is clear that I need a way For Wi-Fi.

There are two things I need to maintain this lifestyle on my laptop and a way to connect it to the internet, there are three main ways to do this besides using a shared workspace, the first on my phone is using my data contract from behind in the UK, i have 100 gigabytes per month which is It operates in many destinations around the world.

I am in a country where data works, I will only tell them that I own my laptop, and it is really very easy to be in a country where the SIM card does not work even though I usually buy a local SIM card and this type of cost varies from country to country , I found that I usually pay around 20 to 30 pounds per month for all the data I use this month and some countries are not much because Wi-Fi is really good in other countries the countries where I rely heavily on my data for all my downloads and doing my work.

The only thing that I will say is that when I have to buy a sim card in another country, I am still paying my contract and I have been traveling full time since October 2017, and according to my calculations that are about 16 months around 28 countries so far I have no limit to do that and how I can endure living with this Way.

Today I am going to detail all the costs of full-time travel and show you how much it costs to travel around the world and live as a digital Bedouin traveling full-time as an expensive way to live but the digital Bedouin lifestyle was a great financial step for me.

I have done some amazing things from facing my fears and participating in some experiences that are not repeated in age to seeing the true beauty of our world with my own eyes and of course meeting many amazing people along the way today I “will show you how many of these things cost traveling with the world full time and live a style The life of a digital nomad.

I share a lot of behind the scenes about Nomad’s digital life from the cost it costs to how I work, and they also share the good and bad days of living like this if you are not already subscribed and press the little subscribe button below and now to talk about money I think the biggest thing in all means Comforts.

I’m just going to say the difference here and make it possible for me to live a Bedouin most of the time and stay in Brendan and stay at Airbnb, and while this is more expensive than renting an apartment or staying in an inn for example, it is still usually cheaper than my rent was in London .

I paid extortion in rent in London and that was for a single room in three bedrooms, so I didn’t even have my own space. The price of a stay varies a lot from one country to another, so I can’t give you an exact number of how much it costs per month.

I think the cheese was probably this place in Chiangmai which was only about $ 300 a month or so in Cape Town Airbnb was around $ 600 a month, and the only place that was more expensive than London was Japan.

Japan is expensive hotels and even expensive youth hostels in Japan and we’ve been moving a lot but apart from that, every where I was since becoming a digital nomad was much cheaper than renting London besides staying in other places like big expense.

I think traveling itself or transportation and I don’t actually spend much on that as you might think I think I worked on average in 2018 I probably spent between one hundred and 150 pounds a month on trips a maximum at the moment obviously if I was traveling in a hole Short in Europe, it’s cheap, and if I’m not traveling much like staying in one place like South Africa.

I may not even spend any money on flights throughout October and November at all, and I haven’t even traveled, so I didn’t spend anything in December, and I just looked at it was about 300 pounds in September, most of the lights drive all year round sometimes My flight fees are paid by tourism boards or brands that I work with, especially if I work with the airline of course.

I think on average about 100 pounds of months for flights and that with continued stay does not reach the cost of rent in London, the other major expenses that I have when it comes to transportation are for car rental and I think we might spend more on existing flights or more than we do on flights Air now especially when we have been in one place for a long time.

I think we spend it again in the UK which is 36 pounds per month, so sometimes the cost can go up to 60 pounds per month or even the third option I own if I don’t use my phone or local SIM card because sometimes you can’t get a card SIM is local forever.

Sometimes I use a Wi-Fi device like a portable pocket Wi-Fi device, which is basically a device that you charge, charge and take with you all over the world as you buy data for this country so you don’t have to go out and get a SIM card constantly and sometimes I will do it.

I am moving from one country to another a lot, so there is no point in getting a SIM card that I used a lot when I had less data in my contract but I recently upgraded .

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