We have design works to create devices to improve people’s lives. We have launched our headphones company in the commercial world, we have our medical devices go with FDA and TGA approval, we share some money for our immersive camera technology, and we only release our chocolate for mental health.

I found it a welcome break from the endless lecture course. Well, I met my business partner Chris Jeffrey during MLP, and we share a similar view of what the field of medicine might be, and it not only gives you a set of innate skills like these highly acclaimed MBA courses, but also gives you an opportunity to take a breath during medicine and focus on some Think about the bigger picture and look at how the system works.

I think there are too many opportunities to get involved in a huge size that you have to study by allowing the opportunity to look at things through a wider lens, look at the way the outside world looks at medicine, and looking at the system as a whole gives you an opportunity to improve it .. Today we talk about startup costs , Which you know is not fun but needs to be done.

You have to think about what will prepare yourself for the greatest possible success.

Nobody wants to really sit down and write down everything they think they might spend, every penny, where it goes. No one wants to track it either, but it is very important because if you don’t, you will never know where you are and you will never be able to make a profit. If this is the ultimate goal, then you should get there one way or another. So you have to think about startup costs.

Sure, but the good news is that there are Gazillion models online made just for this purpose.

at all. If you have Office, it’s Orbit Excel, there are a million different types of templates, designed specifically for startup cost. You don’t have to take this air out of yourself. You can use the resource, Forbes / com, organizer / com. General online resources,, result, will give you some big picture information, but you also need to have industry specific information. If you are going to open a restaurant, you may want to talk to the restaurant owner, find out about some of these hidden costs and fees, or anything.

Find someone you’re already looking for or someone you trust there, look at it and enter your network.

at all. Contact that local network, friends, friends, the people you meet at the airport and anyone, everyone has information to share, so if you end up with a little shock on the label, you know that you wrote everything and got down, you get this big number, and you are like a sacred .

You will get yourself a cup of coffee. You’ll sit back and relax, and just yes, don’t panic. – Breathe in. – Do not panic. You only need to go back to the top, right? – Yes – You need to get rid of the template you’ve filled in with all your startup costs and you need to start saying what I really need right now.

And that’s what I want to get. – Yes, later. We can wait for that. We don’t need Java 3000 at this time. No, just a little French press. – Yes, a little French is good. The bottom line is that it will cost you money and it will be scary. It’s an investment, though, right?

I mean no one will come and give you a bunch of money to start your own business. Not the way you work, you will have to invest something. You probably have to shrink, shrink, but don’t be afraid. – Yeah. See that list again. I have already removed things that you may not need now and are still scary. – Yes I mean maybe, do you really need a new laptop now? Can you practice what you have for six months to another year?

You know, you might be late for some of the things you need, and you think you need them, but you can really push your business if you’ve used some kind of your resources a little bit. – Where there is a will there is a method. And if you really want that, you’ll make it happen. – Sure. Ultimately starting costs are not always fun, but they must be done.

Yes, it will be the busy part of your business, so make it happen. – Sure. – I’m Darlin. – And I’m Emily. – Go back to work

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