Do you have difficulty knowing the correct thanks to feed your cat? Area unit asks yourself, “Should I feed my cat for free?

How large is the area you are feeding your cat now? Do cats currently have free feeding? Does one set strict meal times, or does one mix a mixture of both? Look to check out the other three ways in which pets feed their cat friends, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each technique
Feed the cats a meal
Feeding the meal means you only feed your cat at certain times throughout the day. All canned and dry foods can be fed through this method.
Advantages :

Eating may be closely monitored, which means that it will be easy to tell if your cat has appetite adjusted. Additionally, if you enjoy having a multi-cat home, all cats can access food while no one is dominating others – one cat can absorb food and gain extra weight, as well as alternative cats can lose elements Food that must be kept healthy.

Negatives :

Cats may plead for food between meals. Your cat cannot control the percentage that you set at a specific time. However, if you follow the veterinarian’s recommendation with correct amounts and regular feeding, you will be able to comfort directly as you get the right amount of food and nutrients.

While cats should tire three times each day, once the cat becomes an adult (in relation to one year of age), feeding once or twice per day is simply good, says the Cornell Feline treatment room. In fact, feeding only once per day should be acceptable to most cats. “Once cats reach adulthood, once every day is fine, as long as they are healthy and have no pathological problems that indicate a reason to feed them in another way,” says Cornell. Again, consult with your veterinarian permanently before choosing a feeding program.

If you have many cats, it is best for each cat to have their own food and water station in a very quiet, low-moving location where cats like to push the time, cat doctors recommend. This is the result of a single eating unit in a cat area – they like to be alone after eating.

Feed the cats for free
If you are not considering alternative options, you may feel curious if free nutrition is a suitable technique. After feeding your cat for free, her food can be reached in the least time. Beware that only dry foods may be nourished during this method as a result of wet food that should not be deleted throughout the day. If you notice that your cat makes an effort to dry food in its bowl daily, you should throw it in a curved way to keep it fresh.

Positives :

Your cat will eat many small snacks every day according to its own schedule.

Negatives :

Cats that feed for free will cause jolla and bump It can also be difficult to tell if your cat’s appetite has changed, up or down. It is also difficult to tell, if you have many cats, what ratio should be accommodated.

Conclusion: While free feeding will cause weight gain if it is not managed properly, there are methods of unit area that allow free feeding that keeps your cat’s weight and food. Make sure to properly live the amount of food needed for them today. Once the food is gone, do not fill it until the next day in a row. This may teach your cat to feed throughout the day, instead of eating it directly.

Another option for free feeding cats, it’s a smart plan to use a food puzzle with pre-measured food, so you can control the percentage and the way your cat is usually. In an interview with Scientific yank magazine, Mikel Delgado says that knowledgeable cat behavior loves nutritional puzzles not only for rewards, but as a way to feed cats on a daily basis.

Thinking is two-fold: The basic is that nutritional puzzles provide mental activity and stimulation for cats; the second is that, like binding hunters, cats will function normally for their food or food. Delgado says.

Compound feeding
Advantages :

Compound feeding allows your cat to eat multiple and small meals daily according to its schedule. You will be able to monitor appetite, at least, after feeding it with moist food. Cats together provide the benefits of the biological process of every wet and dry food.


breast feeding usually causes excessive fat and fat, so it is necessary to live food and not refill its container until a consecutive day. If you have multiple cats, it may be difficult to monitor the total food each person consumes, so any type of free feeding may not be the most effective option.
If you’ve ever had a multi-cat home, make sure that the amount of food provided should not exceed the full thermal necessities of all cats day in and day out. Otherwise, your cat or cat may become overweight, which creates the next risk for developing alternative health problems.

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