Well, that’s not much because Wi-Fi is really good in other countries, I rely a lot on my data for all my uploads and I do the only thing I will say is when I have to buy a sim card in another country I still pay my contract in the UK which is 36 pounds per month , So sometimes I get a SIM card constantly and sometimes I will do that if I move from country to country a lot, so no benefit from SIM card I used a lot when I had less data in my contract but I recently upgraded, so there are three options for how to get On Wi-Fi the average cost that I will say is probably about a fifth £ ¥ £ month.

The last thing is my last calculation that looks like food and everyday items, to be honest, most of the food is funny because you can kind of spend whatever kind or little you want that varies from one country to another in some countries that you can eat for like $ 3 a day in some Countries like Iceland, you can’t get anything for $ 3, it’s going to be at least $ 10 for a sandwich but I guess on average I would say my food might be around $ 20 to $ 30 a day we don’t try and budget sometimes.

I think between 20 to 30 dollars for food, then cosmetics may be like ten dollars a month, my last account is the dish where I may be the most important thing, and this is insurance I have two types of insurance, the first is problem insurance that cost me four hundred and thirty five I think it’s about thirty six pounds a month This company specializes in a type of long-term travel insurance that covers you in every country in the world and travel insurance that covers you for all kinds of adventures since then.

I will do that is the best option for me, so it is convenient to publish a blog I wrote that explains more about it in the description below Another type of insurance I have is the insurance of the tool that I travel with a large bag filled with expensive things such as cameras, laptops and phones that I simply could not afford I lost, stolen, or broken it, so I was charged with guard duty insurance. I think 25 pounds a month covers my cameras, covers my phone, covers my laptop and covers it against loss. It covers it against damage, accidental damage and coverage against theft so I am all with my insurance on A I come to you quickly a maximum of 61 pounds per month.

I am covered in all scenarios and this makes the total monthly cost of full-time travel anywhere from about five hundred pounds to nearly two thousand pounds depends on the country but this is one of the things I love most about this style of life when I lived in London and I could not Spending less than £ 1200 a month once I paid the rent as soon as I paid my money as soon as I paid my food once I paid my bills, it was not an available option, there was no way I could spend less but with this lifestyle, if I wanted to save some money for something I know I can spend a month somewhere accessible to all, and It is very good to know that my monthly costs are not fixed this way so that they can be somewhat whatever whatever I want them to, it also means that my monthly costs are often more than in London.

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