All I face is the Samuel Fitness Manager for Men’s Health and I know many of you are in a really difficult situation now you cannot get out of your home and you cannot reach the gym until you cannot reach the weight you want and this hurts your ability to get your training but not It should stop you from getting an exercise because you can do a lot in your house only What we will go through in the six movements section is a whole body section and it will depend a lot on body weight in this way that you can do this in your house but I also want you to be creative also because There are some points where we will lift weight and not Jeb to be weights.

The way you think if you have a dumbbell if you have this perfect for this session but feel free to think outside the box a little bit to pick up some gallon water jugs if you have to pick up bigger items if you have throw some backpacks that have books or something heavy In your home you can lift it and you will not shout at it if it is broken because you can use all these things as weights and when we are in these situations this is the kind of creativity you need so that we can get a job from it you need to get this exercise in spite of that.

I want you to deal with it because when you’re done, you will feel better and move better and have times when you sit on all movies, so let’s get ready for that we’ll go start every four times and what we want to do is we want to make sure that his shoulders are stacked directly above his wrists Once this setting is created, it will get a ton of basic tension holding this position for one or two special seconds at a time, so let’s put Brett in this kneeling position

The first thing Brett does is he does it in a strong kneeling half position, and then he will pick up the bell that he will hold firmly in front of him and this will be his starting position Now we will start to do representatives of the aura from here so simple it will make it this way does the movement the thing that focuses on it though is Keeping that contracted ABS always makes actors on one side and then actors on the other side which will make you in a gentle rhythm helping you get a lot.

Moving clothes that start pushing them as well as any push-up exercise means that we have to start with a really good sturdy plank your hands are a little narrower than the shoulder width, then Brett’s hands are facing forward then all he will do is start shifting elbows digging forward, which will run Latte so far Brett’s preparation.

The Close Grip pushes everything he will do, see how close he is to Brett’s torso and elbows as he keeps his arms as close to the vertical on the ground as possible when driving and forming a glow that maintains that gentle strong attachment as you do this and there will hit your triceps this way You hit the Grip Grip button every time, so we have Brett here to help me show farmers load and the main thing with growers load is how to adjust yet. ??

You can use a variety of tools to carry farmers. You can do this with dumbbells with special farmers carrying a yoke or only with a pair of grocery bags at home. This will be a fatal pickup to set it up. In the knees you bend his butt back and everything he will do will stretch his heart and then he will stand On the right we will start from the bottom. He will press the buttocks first and foremost he will get this pelvis in a gentle neutral position so that he can walk strong and roll his shoulders back, as he turns his lower lattes as he turns into those aids and puts himself in a nice strong position, and he does not look Everywhere he does not look up nor look down, s He got his neck in a neutral setting nice for a perfect walk straight ahead and is now ready.

The farmers will assume that we will walk, and again it is nice and simple, it focuses only on all this tension that he created in his body while we were creating it and will work to keep the gentle and difficult forearms on that dumbbell that he is working on to keep those shoulders working again for the walk In an upright position, this is the key in getting farmers to move. It is very appropriate to move forward or move forward and allow those shoulders to narrow down what gets to farmers. They only hold this position and keep walking. This is how we want to see you do it every time you are. It has a division divided into a belly Here’s a good advance if you want to do the rushes or the Bulgarian or Bulgarian squatting or something like that will take those dumbbells and start by having two on its side will start in this lower position so you will find that the lower position gets that.

Ground fire with these backboards and now it does nice clean split exercises from there we can also go to front shelf mode you can lift these dumbbells up high and now we can do pirate split the front shelf and now you have multiple options for how you can attack squat the key is to know that Brett basics She has these things and now you do that until Brett prepares and proves that he will now start rotating first.

I want you to spend your time there, as he will live there for a second try to hang out there and really appreciate having fun with the spin that happens in your stomach as you do it secondly watching dumbbells watch that.

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