Thai foreigners are stuck in the face of a visa that has been overlooked with a possible fine and have been blacklisted according to the Thai Ministry of Tourism, around 500,000 people or tourists will end up exceeding their visas now after countries in Europe start to close their borders as well, and many airlines have By canceling flights as well as other countries in Southeast Asia around it also prevents traffic from entering and leaving their country which makes it difficult for foreigners to make a visa but this is an unusual time.

And something that we haven’t all experienced before for me, I’ve never had anything like this, and as such, talent is looking for a way to help stranded foreigners who cannot leave the country or return to their homes due to the current crisis even in January of This year, Thai immigration decided to waive the extra visa for tourists stuck in Italian because they cannot return home due to cancellations and disruptions.

Now I will talk more about that if they give away the visa for a longer period but this is the first report stranded in Thailand send them this article according to Tyler tourists in most countries they can not obtain a tourist visa for 30 days if they exceed 30 days a fine for your day For every day that you exceeded the maximum is 20,000 baht unless they change it and I am not sure of serious offenders with months or years of extra stay.

Thailand may be arrested by the police can face deportation or be blacklisted Oh, by the way, I received this news about five minutes ago before I started recording this article The news here is that the Thai Prime Minister has just announced that the Thai government Approved the emergency decree across the country starting on Thursday, March 26 4 one month and this will allow the government why the authorities arrange to impose stay at home …

I will get more information about this as it just came out, so be sure to subscribe to this channel and click on Bill notification, you will receive a notification as soon as I have an article on this matter soon, so on March 23, there are 122 more confirmed cases inside Thailand And turtle 721 on the twenty-fourth there is a total of 827 confirmed cases with 106 new cases the death of three other people who die from four people who died from this virus so far inside Thailand, well I have this memo and it is a translation that appears to come from Thai immigration

Also, the memo is for all entries for the purpose of tourism, although the memo included twelve countries, but it is practical for every country if you came to Thailand during the pre-crisis period and you were on a tourist visa, what kind of tourist visa and you were re-booked here, your flight was canceled and you cannot go out You can extend your stay for thirty days.

Thailand I will talk more about what to do next but in any case if you have a non-immigrant visa or a non-immigrant visa, I do not think this applies to you so this is only for tourists a different tourist visa, the number one of the note says that it is allowed to extend more than 30 A day for those who have a tourist visa or visa-free entries under Section 2.4 in the case of tourist purposes, No. 2 is for those who entered using a non-immigrant visa that cannot be extended for 30 days under section 2.28 in case of necessity with a certificate or request from an embassy or consulate , It depends on the judgment of the senior officer RT Its to do so.

Basically this means that if your flight is canceled and you cannot return to your country because the borders are closed or any other defect caused by this crisis, you may be able to obtain a 30-day extension that costs around 1900 but until you can get a round trip home until Cats that say here that cat emigration provides residence permits to foreigners who stuff them and say they are foreigners with a country visa or expire.

The visa is encouraged to obtain a letter from their embassy and visit the local immigration office, visitors to the local immigration office are encouraged to wear face masks and take into account the strict hygiene requirements that they can obtain to extend the visa for 30 days and to treat the current exaggeration that says here under one of the immigration officers in A leather Phuket coat from the embassy or consulate that requests this most.

The immigration office allowed a foreigner to stay in the country for a longer period and he must name the foreigner and he must have the ruling that the owner is unable to travel because of you I do not want to say this word because I am going to be demonic quote the end of the virus and continues and our culture must be real leather to be delivered with a copy of Their passport at the Phuket Immigration Office during business hours If you are overdue, you can get the letter from your embassy or consulate first before going to the Thai Immigration Office to get a 30-day extension quote, so here’s what you should do if you’re stuck.

Thailand now if you have a tourist visa and have not used the 30-day extension, you do not need this message, so this is the first time that you extend for 30 days, and you do not need this message. Here’s what to do from the first step. Call or send an email to your embassy In Thailand I tell them you need a letter to extend it for 30 days because you cannot find a flight abroad and the borders are closed Your flight of this type has been canceled.

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